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Our Services

We provide all our products and services using a unique "model of partnership" and "shared interest", to ensure that your success always precedes ours.

This is underpinned by an innovative, highly collaborative, distributed and agile operating model. It enables us to  bring together the best minds and skills, in real time, to solve your unique business problems, challenges and aspirations, with the help of leading edge technology enablers (like AI, Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, 3D Printing etc) mixed with just the right amount of human ingenuity.

Digital Transformation [DX]

The use of our 'WISE' methodology to drive your digital transformation / acceleration effort in a simple and predictable way.

Technology Selection [TS]

We identify the best technology enablers for you , to help accelerate your digital journey, while being mindful of your organizations maturity level and budget constraints.

Digital Assessment [DA]

We assess your digital risk profile and your digital process maturity, using global standards (eg Risk IT 2.0 & Cobit 2019 etc). It helps set your baseline and measure your progress.

Digital Investment [DI]

We bring together decades of rich and relevant experience in analyzing and facilitating investments in digital startups and digital disruptors.

Technology Development [TD]

We design and develop digital assets for you, combining the best of your business knowledge with the best of our developent tools, technology and skills to give you the unfair advantage.

Digital Training | Resources [DR]

We provide unique and innovative modalities of training for key decision makers (eg AR, gamification based). We also provide virtual resourcing support to cover your skills gap (On-demand).

What Our Clients Say

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Jade Smith | Co founder of A Startup in Fintech Space

We selected DxWiz because they understood what we wanted from our product, the use cases, our budget, and the urgency of completion. 

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